The surf school of the iconic portuguese surfer  - Tiago Pires.

On August 10, 2011, Tiago Pires Surf School made its official opening as a project focussed on the young kids, looking for and amongst them, to form and train surfers for the future. This project was born from Tiago Pires wish to actively stimulate a new generation of surfers in Portugal, sharing what he has been learning in his surfing career at the highest stages.

Since then, the school has provided its high quality surf teaching to dozens of young people and adults as well. Currently it welcomes practitioners of all levels and ages.



Boardriders Store (next to the Skatepark)
Matadouro Beach - ERICEIRA




All of our instructors are certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation, which means they’ve been trained with the latest methods in surf teaching. They understand that no two persons are alike and will work with you to get the maximum of your surfing skills.

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Tiago Pires
Mentor & Founder

Tiago was raised in the World Surfing Reserve of Ericeira, highlighting the average by surfing in powerful waves, like the one at Coxos, or at the Cave. "Saca", as many friends call him, took the name of Portugal across borders, showing to the world the waves that shaped him as a surfer, and by doing so he opened the door to the next generation, and to a future that now it is possible in Portuguese surfing.

Francisco Romeiras
School Manager

.Francisco is a native of Ericeira, and started surfing at the age of 7. He graduated in Management and Leadership in Oxford, England, where he resided between 2013 and 2018. Just arrived at his hometown and he accepted the challenge of leading the administrative and operational part of TPSS. Nothing gives him more pleasure than welcome you in our home and provide you with the best experience possible.


Filipe Valadão
TPSS Instructor

Filipe is a native from Ericeira. A true local who was born and raised feeling the salty waters of this magical place in his vains. He started surfing in 1996 and was one of the most promissing junior surfers from Ericeira of his time. Filipe graduated from FMH (Sports University in Lisbon) and has his level 2 surf coach certificate since 2006. Filipe is the teaching coordinator at TPSS, exploiting all his practice and knowledge to grant students the best and safest surfing experience. He is an active member in his local Ericeira Surf Club where he assumed the role of Vice President for a couple of years.

Devoted to his homeland, Filipe is an extraordinary person and a rare example of an humble human being...a true class act. In TPSS we are delighted to have him with us since the early days of this project.


Specific Events

On a timely basis and as parallel activities of the school, Tiago Pires Surf School performs specific events such as social actions, or specialized training events for emerging athletes in portuguese surfing.